Deep Roots in Our Community

A fourth-generation Kern County resident, Kevin McCarthy has a lifelong commitment to our community.

He's a product of the local public schools, attended our local community college, and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from Cal State Bakersfield.

Kevin and his wife Judy live in Bakersfield, raising their two children.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

“As a former small-business owner, I know that the greatness of our economy is owed not to government spending and intervention, but to a marketplace where entrepreneurs and small businesses are free to create, compete and succeed.”

Before Kevin’s 21st birthday, he opened a small business, Kevin O’s Deli. While learning to set spending priorities and balance a budget, Kevin also got the first sour taste of burdensome government regulations.

Kevin later sold his business, which allowed him to finish his college education. However, Kevin’s experience as a small business owner made a lasting impression that cemented his belief in free enterprise that continues with him today.

Fighting for Families and Small Businesses

Kevin took the lessons he learned from his deli and applied them to fixing government. He was elected to represent the 32nd Assembly District where he worked with leaders in California to address critical state issues, such as reducing spending in California’s budget.

In 2006, Kevin was elected to Congress and now serves in one of the top leadership positions as the House Majority Whip. Kevin McCarthy is committed to restoring spending discipline in Congress. He knows getting Washington’s fiscal house in order is one of the first steps in restoring confidence and growing our economy.

Our Voice in Washington

Kevin is working to make Washington accountable for every single dollar it spends. It’s time to get spending under control once and for all.

  • Fighting against ObamaCare and is committed to repealing the now $1.7 trillion unaffordable law.
  • Fighting against the high-speed rail boondoggle. Wrote the bill to freeze all unspent federal dollars and audit this unfeasible project so that taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag on a train to nowhere.
  • Fighting for water for our families, farmers and ranchers. He will never choose a tiny fish over people.
  • Fighting for an Energy Plan that produces American Energy for American Jobs. We must stop the skyrocketing cost of energy.
  • Led the effort to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment.

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